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I had started painting in oils many years ago, however, I had never had any tuition or guidance, only that of Bob Ross or YouTube videos.
In the last six months my dad taught me the secrets of the Flemish technique from the old masters which sadly does not get taught anymore.
Since I was a child my dad used to take me around the Tate gallery in London, I was always amazed by the vibrancy of colours in paintings that looked as though they were painted yesterday, yet the majority of them were painted hundreds of years ago.
I am happy to say that since my first lesson’s with my dad, all I look forward to now is the next blank canvas.
Although the Flemish technique may not be for the faint hearted and may involve a very lengthy process, it is a way of painting pictures that will stand the test of time.
you can click here to learn more about the Flemish Technique

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