Chris Steers Gallery

I moved to the New Forest from the Windsor area in 1997 having retired from the computer industry in which I worked for the Americans for nearly 30 years. It was while I was working as a young man at London University I came across the Cautauld Gallery just off of Gordan square in London which was a part of the University in those days. I spent most of my lunch breaks in the gallery and was fascinated by the paintings by Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt, and many other old masters. I decided there and then that one day I would study the old masters until hopefully I could paint using the same methods they used all those years ago. In 1997 I began with some copies of the old masters, but I found it very hard going in oils with light and shade, wet in wet, and colour too that just complicated everything. In 2007 I had a breakthrough after exactly ten years of hard work, it finally paid off, I can now paint using the same methods of the old masters.
Just the old bit at 63, the master will come a bit later perhaps, anyway here are a few paintings he has done since he started his quest. Firstly a couple of Van der Velde from the 1600 hundreds then my first portrait done in 97 of Lady Diana, then a still life using my new method, a Roach, after this his first flower, a Rose, a silver bowl.
I then suffered a stroke a few years ago which stopped me in my tracks for a while.
but at 69 I have managed to pick the old brushes back up and there no stopping me now.

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